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Security Chauffeur & Close Protection

Sentinel offers the highest standard of security chauffeur services and close protection in London and the surrounding areas.  Each of our trained security operatives has vast experience and a professional background in either the Police Force or HM Forces. As a result of this expert training we offer you complete peace of mind whilst you are out in public or travelling. Our specialists will protect you from potentially dangerous situations and ensure your total privacy, safety and dignity at all times. 

Discrete and Professional Service

Each of our security chauffeurs and close protection operatives is trained to assess risk from a distance and at close quarters and can deal with any potential situation with confidence and discretion.  We’ll stay by your side when you need us or give you space whilst assessing the situation from a safe distance.  Having us on hand enables you to continue with your routine or planned daily activities in total confidence and without any worry.  Make stepping out in public a pleasurable and relaxing experience by hiring our close protection specialists. 

Years of Experience in Security Chauffeur Services and Close Protection

We have years of experience in security chauffeur services and close protection. We offer protection for:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Corporate Executives
  • Employees
  • VIPS
  • Diplomats
  • Royalty

Whether you are planning a business trip, an evening out, an overnight stay, holiday, or you need protection between venues, our security specialists will be by your side every step of the way.  Each of our vehicles is fitted with the latest dispatch and in car technology and also the latest in GPS tracking technology.  GPS tracking allows us to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and adds another level of safety to your journey. 

Privacy and discretion are key components of our security chauffeur and close protection services.  Our sole aim is to get you where you need to be safely and without harassment.  Whether you need to avoid paparazzi or you have security concerns of a more serious nature, our team has the training, expertise and experience to ensure your complete safety and peace of mind. 

We Go Where You Go

We understand the difference between normal security and close protection.  We go where our client goes and ensure nobody gets within a certain distance.  Keeping one eye on our client and one eye on the environment around us, we can pre-empt any potential risk and stop it in its tracks. 

Threats to personal safety can happen and can be a very real risk for some VIPs.  That’s where Sentinel’s many years of security experience comes into play.  We believe everybody, no matter what their status, deserves to live their life free from harassment and harm and we’ll go out of our way to ensure we enforce this belief.

We take great pride in our team of highly professional close protection specialists each of which offers a totally discrete and robust security service.  To find out more about our close protection and VIP security services, get in touch with Sentinel.



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