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Unaccompanied Minor Service

At Sentinel we offer a unique unaccompanied minor chauffeur service to our customers. Very few chauffeur companies offer this service, but it’s one that many of our customers could not do without.

We understand that there are times when children need to travel unaccompanied, and it’s these times that our chauffeur services are so valuable. Whether your child needs to be transported to boarding school or to the airport you can be sure they will be in safe hands.

Each of our drivers is Enhanced CRB checked and carries a valid PCO licence. We also have the latest dispatch and in car technology and each vehicle is also fitted with a GPS tracking device. GPS gives our customers total peace of mind that we can pinpoint the exact location of our vehicles at all times. If at any time you would like to know the whereabouts of your driver we can give you total peace of mind. 

Airport Transfers for Unaccompanied Minors

Our unaccompanied minor airport transfer service ensures your child reaches the airport safely and is chaperoned by their chauffeur to a predetermined meeting point.
Many airlines operate an accompanied minor service and you will need to check the rules and regulations for your chosen airline as policies differ between different companies. You will also need to provide us with the full details of your booking including your flight number, flight times, and who will be meeting your child upon arrival at their final destination. Most airlines have designated unaccompanied minor personnel and a specific area for dropping off unaccompanied minors.
Here’s how our airport transfer service usually works:

  • Upon arrival at check-in, your Sentinel chauffeur will be asked to provide information about the unaccompanied minor. Most airlines require parents and guardians to provide the child’s identification, a flight itinerary and a signed authorisation form. The airline will also need to know who is meeting the child at their destination.
  • Your Sentinel chauffeur will stay with your child until an airline representative collects them to take them through security. At no time will your child ever be left alone.
  • Your child will be taken through security by the airline representative and escorted to the departure gate where another representative will take them to the airplane. Unaccompanied minors are usually boarded and settled before other passengers are boarded.
  • We ensure our chauffeur stays at the airport until the flight has departed. This will ensure there is somebody waiting should there be a problem with the flight or your child needs to disembark for any other reason.
  • Once the flight has departed, we will  call you to let you know that your child is safely on their way.
  • During the flight, your child will be supervised by inflight crew and then handed over to an airline representative when the flight lands. Your child will then be escorted through the airport where they will be united with their meeting party.

In addition to transfers to the airport, we can also arrange airport pickup. In these instances you will need to complete the necessary paperwork required by the airline and let them know who will be collecting your child.



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